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Glenpool Recycling


The Convenience of Adding Curbside Recycling to Your Home!

Your participation will reduce the amount of waste being landfilled. You will make a difference by reducing our dependency on natural resources and energy it takes to manufacture new products by recycling. The paper and containers we dispose of every day can be given another life when recycled. Please help us make Glenpool and Oklahoma a cleaner, greener place to live! 



Household Trash and Trash Generated from the Garage, Shed or Yard.

Q. If I opt-out of recycling, what is my monthly charge for waste collection and disposal?

A. The charge should you opt-out of recycling is $15.82 per month for one 95 gallon waste container picked up one time per week. 

Q. What if I don’t want to participate in the recycling program?

A. You can opt-out of receiving a recycle container three ways

  1. Check the opt-out box on the mailer you receive 
  2. Check the opt-out box on the website. You will need to enter your verification code located on the front of the mailer under your address
  3. Call (918) 582-1147 to speak with a customer service representative

Q. Will I be able to keep my 65-gallon waste container if I opt-out of recycling after the program starts?

A. No - If you opt-out of recycling, your 65-gallon waste container will be replaced with a 95-gallon waste container and your monthly service rate will be adjusted to $15.82. There will be a $35 administrative/delivery fee for the collection of the recycling container and exchanging the waste container from a 65-gallon container to a 95-gallon container

Q. What day will my recycling container be picked up?

A. Your recycling container is picked up on the same day you set your waste container out

Q. How do I know what to recycle?

A. Your recycling container has a yellow lid. On the lid will be a label which outlines what recyclables are acceptable and what not to place in your recycle container

Q. What if the item I want to recycle isn’t shown on the recycle container label, mailer or refrigerator magnet?

A. There are two easy ways to get an answer

  1. Visit our “Acceptable Recyclables” page on this website
  2. Take a photo of your item and email it with your question to or submit your quesiton here.

Q. How do I receive a second recycle container?

A. Call (918) 582-1147 and ask a Customer Service Representative you would like an additional recycle container. There will be a $35.00 administrative/delivery charge for the second recycle container. Your monthly service rate will increase by $1.10 per month

 Q. How do I request a 65-gallon waste container if I no longer require a 95-gallon waste container while participating in the city’s recycling program?       

A. A 65-gallon waste container is only available if you are participating in the city’s recycling program. Your recycling container must be set out a minimum of once a month to receive a smaller waste container. Once your 65-gallon waste container is delivered, your monthly service rate will decrease to $14.22 on your next billing cycle. There will be a $35 administrative/delivery fee for collecting the 95-gallon waste container and exchanging it with a 65-gallon container. There are two ways to request a 65-gallon waste container:

  1. Call (918) 582-1147 to speak with a Customer Service Representative
  2. Go to and complete the request form

Q. Can I still recycle in Glenpool if I live in an apartment?

A. Yes - There are Mr. Murph recycling bins located throughout Glenpool. No need to separate your recyclables! Place your recyclables mixed together loose into the bin. Please no plastic bags or placing your recyclables in plastic bags. For a recycle bin near you, please go to  


Q. Do I need to leave caps and lids off plastic bottles, jugs and tubs?

A. No - please leave caps and lids on your plastic bottles, cups, jugs and tubs. Empty, cap and recycle!

Q. What plastics can I recycle?

A. We accept plastics generated from the kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Plastics acceptable from those areas are: bottles, cups, jugs and tubs. Please DO NOT place plastics in your recycle container if they come from the garage, shed or yard

Q. Do I have to rinse out my containers?

A. No - You do not have to rinse out bottles or cans containing liquids. Just empty, cap and recycle! If the container holds a sauce or edible product thick like pudding, please rinse out the container

Q. What plastic resin code numbers can I recycle?

A. We accept plastic resin code numbers #1, #2 and #5. If you cannot identify or find a resin code, please do not place the item in your recycle container

Q. Can I recycle an empty container that contained a household pollutant?

A. Yes – Please rinse container thoroughly, replace cap and recycle

Glass Bottle & Jar FAQ’s

Q. What type of glass can I recycle?

A. Bottles and Jars coming from kitchen food pantries or the refrigerator are acceptable. Glass bottles and jars that contained a carbonated or non-carbonated beverage, cooking oils or sauces are acceptable. No other type of glass is acceptable. NO ceramic cups, mugs, drinking glasses, light bulbs, picture glass or mirror glass

Q. Do I leave caps and lids on glass bottles & jars?

A. No - please remove and discard caps in the trash. Place lids in your recycle container. Loose caps will not be recycled due to their size and end up as waste when passing through automated processing equipment

Q. What color glass can I recycle?

A. We accept Clear, Brown, Green and Blue glass bottles and jars

Steel & Aluminum Can FAQ’s

Q. What cans do you accept?

A. We accept aluminum and steel cans. We also accept Aerosol Cans generated from the kitchen and bath only. NO other type of metal is accepted.

Q. Do I have to remove the paper label, cut the bottom out and flatten my steel cans?

A. No - the label, bottom lid and steel can does not have to be flattened. Please rinse out contents if the edible product is thick like pudding.

Q. Should I flatten my aluminum cans?

A. No – Please do not flatten your aluminum cans or any recyclable container. Flattening your aluminum cans will result in the cans not separating from paper products when running through automated equipment designed to separate recyclables based on their weight and whether they are a 2D or 3D object

Q. Can I recycle aluminum foil, aluminum pie pans or aluminum cooking trays?

A. No – These items have a lower flash point than aluminum cans and will not yield any material to be rolled into new aluminum sheeting

Q. Can I recycle aerosol cans?

A. Yes – Aerosol cans generated from the kitchen and bathroom are acceptable in your recycle container. NO aerosol cans generated from the garage or shed are acceptable in the recycle container

Food & Beverage Carton FAQ’s

Q. Can I place foil juice drink pouches in my recycle container?

A. No – Only paper cartons from the refrigerator or food pantry are acceptable. Paper cartons with plastic pour spouts attached to the carton are acceptable.

Q. What type of cartons are recyclable?

A. Cartons containing Juice, Milk, Soy Milk, Soup, Broth, Egg Substitutes, Pancake Batter, Cream and Wine.

Q. Do I need to remove the cap or straw when recycling my cartons?

A. Please keep caps on and remove straws

Q. Do I need to rinse my cartons?

A. As long as the carton is empty, it is okay to place in your recycle container. Rinsing your carton will alleviate any potential odor that may arise until your collection day.

Q. Can I recycle a carton that feels waxy?

A. Yes, what you may feel as wax on the carton is actually a thin layer of plastic. 

Paper & Carboard FAQ’s

Q. What type of paper can I recycle?

A. All paper, including cardboard generated in the kitchen, home office, mail box or bathroom can be placed in your recycle container. If it tears, you can place it in your recycle container

Q. Can I recycle my old phonebook or shopping catalog?

A. Yes – your phonebook or old catalog can be placed in your recycle container

Q. Do I have to remove staples or tape from cardboard boxes before placing it in my recycle container?

A. No – Staples and tape do not have to be removed. Please remove all non-paper packing material before placing cardboard in your recycle container

Q. Can I recycle my pizza box?

A. Yes – Please remove any leftover pizza, sauce containers, peppers, tripod stool (keeps the top of the box from collapsing on the pizza) and liner paper used to soak up grease. If grease soaks through the bottom of the box or a large amount of cheese is stuck to the top lid of the box, tear off the contaminated section and place it in the trash and recycle the clean section

Other Recycling FAQ’s

Q. Can I recycle Styrofoam?

A. No – Styrofoam is not acceptable in your recycle container. 

Q. Can I place plastic bags in my recycle container?

A. No – Plastic bags or film plastics such as bread bags or dry cleaner bags are not acceptable in the recycle container. Please return plastic bags to retailer or grocer

Q. Can I recycle fast food packaging?

A. Yes – Much of the packaging you receive from fast food restaurants can be placed in your recycle container. Please do not place the following fast food items in your recycle container

  1. Styrofoam cups
  2. Straws
  3. Soiled napkins
  4. Plastic Utensils (forks, spoons, knives)
  5. Burger / Sandwich / Taco wrappers
  6. Heavily soiled burger or sandwich boxes

Q. Can I place electronics in my recycle container?

A. No – All electronic waste (if it has a cord, runs on batteries or winds up) is not acceptable in your recycle container. You can take your electronics for recycling to the following locations:

  1. Natural Evolution – (918) 836-2995 / 
  2. the M.e.t. – (918) 584-0584 / (call to find out which recycling depots accept electronic waste)

Q. Is my furnace filter recyclable?

A. No – Due to the design and purpose of a furnace filter, it is not recyclable

Q. What items in my bathroom are recyclable?

A. Several items in the bathroom can be placed in your recycle container

  1. Shampoo and conditioner containers
  2. Toothpaste box
  3. Toilet tissue roll
  4. Air freshener aerosol can
  5. Mouthwash container
  6. Empty over the counter / prescription medication containers

Q. How long would it take to separate my recyclables at Mr. Murph if my recycle container is completely full?

A. It would take approximately one minute for your recyclables to be separated by our automated equipment. Recyclables are processed at speeds of 36,000 to 40,000 thousand pounds per hour. This is one reason why it is important that only acceptable recyclables listed on the lid of your recycle container and or refrigerator magnet are placed in your recycle container

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